Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy 79th Birthday Great-Grandpa Smith!

As promised, an update.

My Grandpa Smith's 79th birthday is fast approaching at the end of this month. Amazing! For a gift, I decided to do something fun, and having a little baby doll named Gabriella is always helpful in doing that!

I went to Hobby Lobby to get a birthday party hat to put on Gabriella. The idea was to take a picture of her that said Happy Birthday! and send that to him. An hour and half later, I leave Hobby Lobby with a load of scrapbooking materials, a couple of photo storage boxes, a picture frame, a couple of hair accessories, and a few other bits and bobs. Yup, no party hat! Typical. I did brave going back into the store and didn't get sucked in again.

Back home, I dressed up my little doll in her blue tutu (made by Aunt Kym) and party hat, made a little Happy Birthday sign and took a picture. Now most of you know that I have a amateur photographer friend, Kathryn, who takes Gabriella's pictures often - I am not ANYWHERE close to as good as her, but I think Great-Grandpa Smith will like it just fine.

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