Thursday, May 13, 2010


The other day got a manicure; I went to a new place (there will be a tangential story about that after this one.), so I made small talk with the new manicurist. I told her about Gabs, etc. About half way through Seth called; it wasn't a special conversation, just letting me know that he was on his way home; we talked about some friends of ours that are coming in this weekend, etc.

When I got off the phone, the manicurist said, "You sound like newlyweds." I told her thank you and that she was sweet. She asked how long we've been married, and I told her, 7 years (crazy, 7 years already!). She told me that she didn't think I looked old enough to have been married 7 years, and that if I took off my ring, she would have thought that I was in college. I think she was just trying to get a good tip! I go home and tell Seth that the lady said we sound like newlyweds. We smile and congratulate ourselves for 'keeping the fire burning'.

Well, Seth's been sick for the past week or so with allergies/ cold stuff. He's been pretty congested so there's been a lot of tissue and Netipot usage. For any of you who have not had the lovely experience in using a Netipot or other nasal irrigating device, it works well, but you can get a nice nasal drip afterward for a while. Very attractive.

So I go to kiss my husband goodnight, and I get a wonderful lip full of irrigated nasal drip that had gotten caught in his mustache. We both laughed and said "Newlyweds" at the same time! HA!

Ok, quick story about the manicure. I got this new (to me at least ~ my super cool, from California, sister-in-law knew all about it!) manicure that is supposed to last three weeks. It's a gel that hardens under UV light so that it protects the nail polish so it won't chip. They've also got the gel in lots of different colors. I'm lovin' it. Anyhoo, so it takes about an hour for the manicurist to get it all done, and as she's finishing up she mentions casually, "Be careful while you're cooking on the stove or taking things out of the oven, because if it gets too hot it'll burn." At this point, the lady next to me, who is getting the same thing says, "Wait, it's flammable?! Sure enough folks, my nails can now catch on fire! Guess that's as good excuse as any to not cook!


In said...
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California Kym said...

oh yes, I am so super cool. Definitely cool enough for flammable fingers. ♥