Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Catch Up

So I think it’s safe to say that I am one of the worst bloggers ever, so here’s a quick catch up on the past couple of months in the lives of Seth and Tish.

Way back in October, we went a Halloween party; it was a really fun night. I was “Miss Asia Del Mar 2008” (which is the name of the place where we live) and Seth was a pirate. Arrr!!!

There weren’t any door prizes, but as you can see we had quite an array of costumes, and everyone looked great!

Red Riding Hood, Robin, Sexy Devil-ette, Fiona, and me

The Wolf and Batman

The Hulk

Spider Pig (If you haven't seen the Simpson's Movie then you won't get it and I can't explain it.)
As I’ve mentioned before, our friends, Neil and Caroline, were to be married on Jan 17th (which they were but more on that later); I was Matron of Honor, so I got the plan the Bachelorette Weekend or Hen weekend for all my non-American readers.

We had an excellent time; on the Friday night a small group of us went and cheered to our hearts content for a little Latino boy, that some may have heard of, named Enrique Iglesias from the first row. On the Saturday night, a group of twenty of us wearing “Caroline’s Last Fling before the Ring” shirts (which were designed by yours truly) went to a Mexican food restaurant (which is not similar to Peruvian food, by the way) then headed to an 80’s dance club where they gave us VIP passes. I think that was more to keep us crazy girls separated from everyone else than make us feel special, but hey we took it anyway. On Sunday, we had a “Recovery Brunch” and headed home. It all went off with out a hitch and a good time was had by all. I rounded up all the photos from that night from everyone, and the total came to somewhere around 600, none of which I have with me right now of course. I’ll throw a few in later; I want you to see the shirts I designed!

So the next weekend was the boys turn to go out on the town, they didn’t take a single picture, and they all got too intoxicated to remember exactly what they did, so I guess we’ll never know . . . Kidding, of course. The boys played golf and went to the horse races, and the only elaboration that I got out of Seth about the weekend was that he killed everybody at golf and he only lost the equivalent of $6 at the horse tracks, so I guess we’ll leave it at that.

After that, the holidays came quickly upon us; we had the pleasure of getting to visit with most of our family and friends in the States, which was good. We did miss Seth’s brother, Kirk, and his wife, Kym, because they were busy having another baby. Ky joined the world on Dec 22nd! And we can’t wait to see him and River (and Kirk & Kym, of course) in May!

After New Year’s, we came back to Peru and went back to life as usual for us. I started a new semester, and I hope to graduate in August! It’s summer here, so we’re enjoying the sun, and Seth’s surfing like crazy, so life’s good.

Until next time . . .